A Course In Miracles

Holograms, Communication, 
and "A Course In Miracles"


Flash Animated Mandalas

Cast the Rune Stone


 Aspen Lodge Resort is the perfect destination for your travel adventure with premium accommodations for individuals, families and groups.Our Estes Park, CO lodging accommodations are nestled among 80 acres of mountain forest. Only 7 miles outside Estes Park, the Lodge offers a great mountain getaway with all the comforts you desire. 
MindSet-For-Success will do more than teach you how create a business vision and to set goals, it will teach you to use self hypnosis to change your mental scripting so your goals really happen! 

Linda Wasil - Beyond the Stigma of Abuse

What if you could create a totally different possibility of joy and ease for your life? Come join me on this adventure of discovering the incredible, amazing you!


Wu Dang Tao, The Spiritual Center of Tao in America

Carrying a 700-year-old tradition directly from the Wu Dang Mountains in China, Wu Dang Tao is the spiritual home of the Taoist tradition in the United States. At Wu Dang Tao, Master Chen has taught Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and other internal martial arts to thousands of students, helping them lead more fulfilling, energetic and powerful lives.


Channel Trend Inc.


Channel Trend is an independent, privately owned investment research firm. We provide investors and investment managers with specific recommendations on over 4000 U.S. stocks.


It Takes a Village Boulder, An Intergenerational Community, a nonprofit organization, is a place where children who have known only fear, pain, poverty, and hunger, will be able to laugh, play, trust and love.


Researchers estimate that seventy percent of students do not get their specific learning strength addressed in a traditional learning setting. These students rarely get to shine in the classroom, because their learning strength is ignored and they are forced to learn in a way that favors traditional learners.




Are you living the life of your deepest dreams and desires? Do you feel satisfied and fulfilled?

Thanks to all of my clients who stood by me through these years of losing my father and my friends.


Inspirations and Adventures from the Gman Apache in the Baja.
A memorial site for my long-time friend and partner in life.

florianhalazon.com - a memorial to my best friend

A tribute to my dad and his work website.

DrHarryWest.com  - Consulting Chemical Engineer

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Process Safety Management Compliance
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