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AGI Consulting - Organizational Effectiveness

 Aspen Lodge Resort is the perfect destination for your travel adventure with premium accommodations for individuals, families and groups.Our Estes Park, CO lodging accommodations are nestled among 80 acres of mountain forest. Only 7 miles outside Estes Park, the Lodge offers a great mountain getaway with all the comforts you desire. 


artsforallchildren.org - Arts for All Children is a fundraising conduit for
Boulder County arts organizations and for individual student scholarship assistance.


Avadhuta Foundation - The Avadhuta Foundation was established in 1993 to further the teachings of Sri H.W.L. Poonja, affectionately referred to as Papaji, and to make available the archives of Papaji’s talks in India.



Welcome to the Bissell House, a charming bed and breakfast Inn in beautiful and historic South Pasadena, California.


BodhiBody.net - bodywork, reiki, massage
Erik is a Certified Rolfer, trained at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. He has a broad background in Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue and Esalen Massage.




Incorporated in 1979, The Boulder Road Runners Club
Celebrates their Official 30th Anniversary!


Are you ready to LOVE deeper into the RICHNESS of who YOU really are?
Pamela Brockman - Professional Counselor
Transformational Psychospiritual Intensives and Counseling
Deep Psychotherapy and Inner Child Healing
* Inner Child Work * True Self * Divine Self * Lost Love *



"My flutes speak for themselves"™
From breath... through sound ... to Spirit

I make Plains Indian style flutes in a choice of keys and hardwoods.These 5-hole minor key flutes are based on a pentatonic scale. I make my hardwood flutes from solid wood, painstakingly bored out. No glues are used ! The flutes are finished with a clear lacquer gloss, which adds protection from the elements, and brings out the natural beauty of the wood. I also offer a hand-rubbed finish on request.




The Cannabis Guidelines Core Team and Working Group members are volunteer developers, designers, administrators and managers who are working together to create a a web portal with up-to-date information concerning the rapid development of cannabis legislation in the various states which have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use.


CanyonPassages.com - Journey with Canyon Passage through the majestic and mystical canyons on a unparallel three days Colorado river expedition in a canoe. Experience a hike, walking quietly through a wilderness desert environment, swim in secluded natural water pools with waterfalls. Watch the eagles fly .



Welcome to Cathy's Closet in Buena Vista, Colorado.

We offer a fine selection of bath and spa product, women's and men's fashion clothing, and many gift items.
We are committed to support independent entrepreneurs across the globe.
Browse through our store and find an assortment of gifts for yourself, and your friends and family.
Many of our products are handcrafted by a variety of artists.


Channel Trend Inc.


Channel Trend is an independent, privately owned investment research firm. We provide investors and investment managers with specific recommendations on over 4000 U.S. stocks.


Cha Tao Tea

The surrounding conditions are ideal for growing tea.

A mist sails through the valley and water from a pristine mountain stream flowing through the farm supplies each tender leaf with just the right amount of moisture necessary to grow our high quality amazingly delicious teas.




Sustainably Grown Honduran Coffee - Here our coffee is sustainably grown under a diverse canopy of shade trees without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.



Our programs train individuals for careers that support evolution and excellence. We have had certifying programs for Hypnotherapists for seven years.


Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn - Buena Vista, Colorado
Come soak in Colorado's purest, geo-thermal, gravity-fed mineral spas. Historically noted for their medicinal and therapeutic value, the springs were used for centuries by the Ute Indians as a spiritual gathering retreat. Ever since, people have come from all over the country to soak in the curative waters.



Are you living the life of your deepest dreams and desires? Do you feel satisfied and fulfilled?


DrHarryWest.com  - Consulting Chemical Engineer

Process Safety Consulting Services
Process Safety Management Compliance
Specialist in Management of Change
Process Automation Safety
Risk Assessment
Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services
Analysis of accidents in chemical plants, petroleum production facilities, refineries, gas plants, offshore production, storage tanks, chemical tankers, wastewater treatment

Participated in over several hundred forensic assignments and provided expert testimony in various cases, ranging from civil litigation and international arbitration to regulatory compliance hearings.


The Changing Paradigm with Dr. Patricia Hill
Morningstar Productions is home of the show "The Changing Paradigm", hosted by Dr. Patricia Hill.
Listen to audio clips of author interviews, order full versions on-line. The Morningstar Bookstore features a variety of books. CD's, and tapes. Order on-line at discount prices.


EarthGypsy - Rune Stones & Gift
The dark crags and crevices of our lives need illumination, and the RuneRhythms Divination System for Women is yet another torch in the darkness.


Erica Bryn Brookhart

Erica is touring various countries and US states as a dancer in The Michael Jackson Experience



Fitness Forevermeans living out your life with optimum functioning of all the body’s systems.

It means having the physical and mental strength and energy to begin and finish the activities and tasks you choose to do.



Welcome to Five Branches Wellness. I have been serving the Boulder community since 1996, and offer a variety of complementary modalities. I mainly utilize Acupuncture, Rolfing ® , & Massage Therapy, but also have extensive trainings in Chinese Herbology, & Energy Medicine.The name of my business, "Five Branches” is based on the Five Branches of Oriental Medicine.


florianhalazon.com - my best friend


Foothills Chapel - Colorado's Dream Wedding Chapel!
Whether you're planning a wedding, reception, party or other celebration, we will do everything possible to help make your day a special one. We welcome people of all faiths and offer an ideal location for interfaith weddings. Foothills Chapel can accommodate up to 200 guests, yet is quaint and intimate enough for even the smallest wedding.

Foothills Chapel is scenically located with mountain views in every direction.


From The Realm Of The Shadow
After rescuing a girl from an attempted gang-rape, 19 year old composer Christopher Mohr decided to use his composing art as a vehicle to meet his own ``shadow.'' Over the next twenty years, the music drama unfolded into a discovery of that healing peace which even the most reprehensible acts cannot destroy.


Gangaji - Spiritual Inspiration
Gangaji, a teacher and author, speaks with thousands of spiritual seekers around the world, responding to the deepest spiritual questions of our time. While she does not offer a particular philosophy or practice, she extends the extraordinary invitation of her teacher, Sri H.W.L. Poonjaji, and his teacher, Sri Ramana Maharshi, to end immediately all outward searching and discover directly within your own heart the fathomless truth of who you are.



An affordable Caribbean Dream...

Sail with Tai and Pierre aboard their 40 ft Catamaran... Share navigation and sailing acitivities... Spring, Summer and Winter Trips... Lifetime memories guaranteed...



Researchers estimate that seventy percent of students do not get their specific learning strength addressed in a traditional learning setting. These students rarely get to shine in the classroom, because their learning strength is ignored and they are forced to learn in a way that favors traditional learners.




The Golden Portal Institute was created for the purpose of service to God and humankind and the teaching the ancient mysteries through direct experience, healing, initiation, and teaching the tools of inner healing to ministers, teachers, healers and other healthcare practitioners.


Greg McHugh - MENTAL & EMOTIONAL HEALING and SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION through Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Personal Spiritual Alchemy. That includes Past Life and Regression Therapies, Gestalt Therapy, Cellular Release TherapyTM Spirit Releasement and Other Transpersonal Hypnotherapies, Remote Spirit Releasement, Remote Regression Therapy


IntuitiveAdvantage.com - Intuitive Counseling, Life & Career Coaching, Intuitive Business Consulting, Intuition Workshops & Training Programs, Educational Products
for personal and corporate development.

Greg H. Meyerhoff
Anne F. Salisbury, Ph.D.

Why did you come to Halbertcicles.com? What do you hope to find here? Beauty? Intrigue? Fascination? Inspiration? Just curious? Why does this phenomenon occur so much more often and more outrageously for me than it does for most people?



It Takes a Village Boulder, An Intergenerational Community, a nonprofit organization, is a place where children who have known only fear, pain, poverty, and hunger, will be able to laugh, play, trust and love.


Jeanie Bein -  Licensed Psychologist
* Women * Couples * Adolescents * Families * Individuals


Leela Foundation - Eli Jaxon-Bear
Eli infuses the teaching of the Enneagram with a living transmission of Silence, presenting this unique map of egoic identification as a vehicle for ruthless self-inquiry and deepening realization of true freedom.


LifeTrax.net - The School Mediation Center provides comprehensive programs, training services and products to teach youth and those who work with youth in the areas of peer mediation, restorative justice, conflict resolution, bullying prevention, diversity, social and emotional learning, and violence prevention.  


Linda Wasil - Beyond the Stigma of Abuse

What if you could create a totally different possibility of joy and ease for your life? Come join me on this adventure of discovering the incredible, amazing you!



Landscape Design and Construction
Boulder County, Colorado

M2 offers Beautiful Gardens and Garden Makeovers including
Aesthetic Stonework Cedar Accents and Waterwise Plant Selections



Inspirations and Adventures from the Gman Apache in the Baja


Metaforms - sacred goemetry
The Star e. Pendant is a powerful and unique piece of jewelry. Many different precious stones and metals can be chosen to create your personalized pendant. Beyond the aesthetics and at its heart, are circuit boards with over twelve different antenna systems designed to constantly receive and broadcast a wide spectrum of healing, balancing, and higher energies.

METAFORMS are sacred geometric sculptures. They are precisely composed, 3-dimensional sculptures that radiate an energetic field which can positively influence your environment and help create a sacred space.

Click here to order the Star E Pendant
Star E Pendant

MindSet-For-Success will do more than teach you how create a business vision and to set goals, it will teach you to use self hypnosis to change your mental scripting so your goals really happen! 



Creating a space for miracles.

Miracles Space - creating a space where miracles can occur.
Send someone a miracle. A Course In Miracles greeting cards


MoonWalkForEarth - promotin alternative energy
Promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency for a healthier tomorrow.
Moonwalk for Earth started in '99 as a vision for change. Since then it has gained momentum and is closer to reality. Moonwalk for Earth aims to help educate people about renewable energy sources and methods for greater energy efficiency. We also raise funds for renewable energy research.



My Communication Works is a professional speaking firm that gathers and shares cutting edge research on the art and science of positive attitudes. We help people to be more productive, better communicators, improve their relationships, and have more fun.


nancyswayzee.com- whole body Breathworks

Native Voices - Suzy Chaffe & the Native America reconciliation program
Creating new a generation of Native American Olympians
ìNVF has the best way to start a dialogue between our cultures Iíve seen. I hope that all the U.S. Ski Areas will reach out and participate in this exciting opportunity to invite their local tribes to ski in the Great American Outdoors - a chance to nurture future Native Olympians.
O & A Stone Company LLC has been a direct from quarry wholesaler for over 7 years, offering the finest top quality Colorado Red Flagstone & Buff Flagstone available in the area. Our quarries are considered to be the top producing, highest quality quarries in the Lyons, Colorado & New Mexico areas.


Queens Esther Chapter no. 5, Boulder, Colorado
The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest Fraternal Organization in the world to which both women and men can belong. It is NOT a religion, although its lessons are taught using Biblical women. These women are Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha and Electa. They teach fidelity, constancy, loyalty, faith and love.



Beautiful Two-bedroom Apartment
in Nice, France

Ideal Vacation Rental for a
Writer's Retreat or Romantic Getaway



NATIVE VOICES FOUNDATION'S (NVF) U.S. Tribal Leaders, Elders and Olympians thank the 60 ski areas, communities, Snow Sports Industry and Tribal Sponsors who've led this historic "honoring and healing of the past".


Knowing yourself through spiritual knowledge and intuition. Inspirations from Robert WoodIntuitive readings: Robert can also give you a reading about important questions or issues by intuiting your higher guides. He can see your Aura and interpret how it is effecting your situation.


Spirituality Free from all Systems
SPIRITUALITY FREE FROM ALL SYSTEMS is a teaching that helps us become this "living availability" to Spirit. When our lives are free from systems, we become the occasion where Spirit lives its life as us.



Self-Transformation requires an inward journey. This journey will free the body, mind, and heart from the past and connect the Present-Now Self with the True Self



TrueLightMusic.com - Words & Music from Amber Terrell
"A meeting in truth is always mysterious. What reveals itself cannot be known or predicted. It has nothing to do with your truth or my truth, but truth that is free of you and me." - Amber



Introductory Information About    The Urantia Book and UBtheNEWS



Vegas Caricature can provice entertainment for your event. Artists, musicians, magicians, and other entertainers will perform at your event anywhere in the U.S.A.



Fair Trade hand painted Peruvian jewelry.
Artisans produce our original earrings. Designs of flowers, birds, animals, and nature as well as southwestern are complimented by our lines of crystal
chandelier and semi-precious stone jewelry.


White Dove's Messages - Spiritual Newsletter
WHITE DOVE'S MESSAGE is an international magazine promoting peace and light and includes many of the messages received from the Ascended Masters, the Great White Brotherhood and the World of Light. White Dove's Message is also the gift she gives others when doing a reading, channeling, hands on or absent healing, soul retrieval or any one of the many modalities she is guided to use.


Wu Dang Mountain, more formally known as Xuan Yue, is one of the four most venerated mountains in China. It is even more venerated than Wuyue, the five sacred mountains in China. It is also seen as the primary celestial mountain in the world.



YourTruePotential.com - Get Free of the Past and Live Your Life to the Fullest Potential

Amanda Wallace MA, LPC, C.Ht. - Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Energy Healing

Childbirth Services - Create a Safe, Easier Birth Experience & Actively Contribute to the Health and Wellbeing of Your Baby


Yurok Jewelry

Carson Dietz, Native American Jewelry Designer, Model Maker, Wax Carver


Hypnotherapy education at it's best! Learn cutting edge Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis techniques. Unique Whole/Health and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Certification Training. Individual attention is given to student Hypnotherapists as well as teaching marketing skills and support for Hypnotherapy graduates. Zoilita Grant's Products For Professionals available for sale as well as Hypnosis CDs & Tapes at zoilitagrant.net


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