• http://higlo.virtualave.net - Hi-Glo Holo Images Pvt. Ltd. (ISO9001:2000) Established in 1995 is one of the pioneers in India in Holographic & other anti- counterfeit solutions. We have all facilities in house from origination to conversion under one roof. The managing Director is a retired Senior Indian Air Force Officer, having a very vide experience in security, intelligence, holography & general administration etc.

  • www.yunghologram.com
    Welcome to the world of Holography where there is no Laser and Optics, and welcome to the world of Conventional Printing where the image is Additive Color, 3D and Kinetic.

  • http://www.photonicsindustry.com Laser - A scientific and technical guide to lasers, including its properties, applications and design as well as introductions to all available laser systems on the market.

  • Light Impressions -  a founding member of the embossed holography industry,
    pioneering the power of laser light to produce holograms and diffractive
    optically variable image devices since 1982.

  • Websurfer's guide to making holograms - http://members.aol.com/integraf/home.html

  • Forth Dimension Holographics - http://users.aol.com/hologram4

  • Hololight
    Gives detailed technical information on holography and holographic applications including nondestructive testing, holographic optical elements, medical applications, display holography, holographic materials, etc.

  • Holographic Neural Technology
    Holographic Neural Technology is not based upon an algorithm... but a property of nature.

  • Spatial Imaging Homepage
    Explores high-quality, three-dimensional visual interfaces

  • Interactive Holographic Images
    This page introduces a variety of 3D image technologies such as the holography, the lenticular screen and 3D television.

  • lazing.com Home Page

  • Laser Art Society for Education and Research

  • Optics

  • Laser News e-mail:hologram@well.com --- Jeffrey Murray

  • HoloChat!

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